Things required by us to give you the best performances.

For Solo Performances or Kozmic Brownies -- 110VAC power outlet (1) I provide my own sound and lighting for audiences up to 200

(For outside shows plan on providing a canopy in case of rain.)

The Kris Karr Band - 110VAC power outlets (3) minimum 

"Outside Shows"

If you are providing a stage on an outside date for the band, plan on providing a professional stage with a cover or canopy in case of rain, or an alternate indoor location. The stage dimensions should be no less than 20' Wide x 16' Deep with actual steps or flat ramp with tread tape. (Construction trailers & angle iron tread ramps for construction equipment are a safety issue for us and not acceptable.) If proper staging does not fall into your budget, as long as there is a flat area of cement such as in a street dance we are perfectly happy to be on street level. (A canopy of sufficient size is still required for possibility of rain.) 

When it comes to the possibility of rain, the final decision is ours to make as whether to proceed with setup and or performance. The setup will be done only once.  If rain etc... should come and we need to stop the performance, we will have no choice but to tear things down and pack everything up which is very time consuming. And unfortunately at that point the event is considered as done. This is why it is best to have a well planned backup indoor location for your event so that there is an immediate alternate to choose from and the show can proceed. We only want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible for your event. 

We provide our own sound and lighting for an audience of up to 400.

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